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Upcoming Improvements to Bill Pay

On February 4th, we’ll be making some helpful updates to our Bill Pay feature in Mobile and Online Banking for Personal and Basic Business Banking members. These enhancements are designed to make Bill Pay quicker and easier to use and make its features more accessible for members who use screen reader software. These updates will not affect Cash Management members or Personal Banking members who have E-Bills.

New Bill Pay Dashboard

The new Bill Pay dashboard will provide a snapshot of the bills you have scheduled and a display of all payees you currently have set up in your account. You’ll be able to start the payment process by simply clicking on the payee you want to send a payment to. Both recurring and single payments can be set up from the dashboard.


Screenshot of Bill Pay Dashboard

MultiPay and Single Pay

MultiPay has been enhanced to provide a more flexible interface, allowing you to quickly enter your payee, amount, and payment date information in one simple form.

Schedule Payments

The design update makes it easier to identify key dates, including the Deliver By date and the Send On date. This tab will give you a three-month view of all your scheduled payments, with the ability to filter by payee, payment account, and date range.

Accessibility Updates

We’re also making a number of improvements that will make Bill Pay more accessible to members with low or impaired vision who use screen readers. Updates include full-page functionality available from a keyboard (without the use of a mouse) and page design enhancements that make it easier for users to see and hear content.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call our Virtual Branch at 800.562.5515.