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SavvyMoney Credit Monitoring Tools

SavvyMoney is a powerful suite of tools that make it easy to check your credit score and credit report at any time for free through Salal Mobile and Online Banking. Along with helping you keep tabs on your credit and stay on the look-out for identity theft, SavvyMoney helps you make good financial choices through the Credit Score Simulator and personalized offers* for credit cards and loans, along with checking and savings accounts.

Mobile View of SavvyMoney Credit DashboardCheck Your Credit Score Anytime for Free*

With SavvyMoney you can check your credit score for free anytime and it will never hurt your credit. You also get a comprehensive analysis to help you better understand your score and gain insights on how you can improve it.

See Your Full Credit Report

Get a full view of your credit cards and loans, all in one place. The Credit Score Events feature gives you an easy-to-follow visual view of your entire credit report to monitor your credit usage and balances, watch how your credit score changes over time, and keep an eye out for unusual activity.

Protect Yourself with Credit Monitoring

Detect and report big changes to your credit score with the help of check-in reminders and timely alerts. Closely tracking your credit can help you catch fraudulent activity fast and protect yourself against identity theft.

Credit Goals

This feature is designed to help you set specific credit goals that align with your financial aspirations and keep you on track towards achieving them. Once you’ve set a credit goal and a timeline to get there, you’ll receive personalized recommendations from SavvyMoney to help you on your way. You can track your progress along the way and adjust your goals if necessary to ensure that you stay on pace towards reaching your credit score target.

Make Smart Financing Choices

The Credit Score Simulator lets you test the potential impact of opening new accounts or paying off balances, helping you make better-informed financial decisions. The interactive tool simulates your future credit score so you can see if it’s the right choice for your goals.

Personalized Offers*

Get access to personalized credit card and loan offers to help you compare potential rates and monthly payments to help you find the right financing for you when you need it. And just like checking your credit score, comparing offers in SavvyMoney never dings your credit as these are considered “soft inquiries” of you checking your credit. If you choose to apply on an offer, that action will affect your credit score as this becomes a “hard inquiry” when Salal checks your credit to make a lending decision. Due to differences between credit bureaus, credit scores listed in SavvyMoney may differ from those used for loan underwriting by Salal.

In the Offers section you might also find recommendations for Salal checking and savings accounts that can help you build your financial health or start getting more from the money you have set aside.

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Start Using SavvyMoney

To start tracking your credit with SavvyMoney, simply log in to Mobile or Online Banking and find the SavvyMoney feature in the Financial Planning section of the main menu.

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*Due to differences between credit bureaus, credit scores listed in SavvyMoney may differ from those used for loan underwriting by Salal. Offers featured in SavvyMoney do not represent a guaranteed credit approval. All deposits and loans are subject to credit approval.