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Clean Streets: Salal Community Service Day 2017

Clean streets are a good thing. If you happened to pass through Seattle’s Northgate neighborhood this past October 9th, you may have seen a small army of people dressed in bright orange vests. Some might have been carrying litter grabbers and trash bags. Others might have been walking the blocks in search of storm drains, carrying cans of spray paint and stencils that read “Dump No Waste.”

If you saw any of this, you witnessed part of Salal’s annual community service day.

Spray paint and stencils that read “Dump No Waste.”“Dump No Waste.” sign next to Storm Drain

Salal Credit Union will be moving our administrative offices to Northgate sometime next year, so we thought it would be fitting to give our time to enhance our future neighborhood.

Salal litter grabbers and trash pick-up

While dozens of employees were cleaning streets and stenciling storm drains in Northgate, a third team was back at our future headquarters making no-sew fleece blankets for Seattle Children’s Hospital and the Seattle Animal Shelter.

No-sew fleece blankets

The outdoors part of our service day was organized in coordination with the City of Seattle’s Adopt-a-Street program. The City provided supplies, safety equipment, and storm drain stencils meant to help keep pollutants out of our local streams, lakes, and sound.

In all, 139 Salal employees took part in our service day. We cleaned around four miles of city streets, stenciled 20-30 blocks of storm drains, and made 31 blankets.

Fleece Blankets to donate to Children's Hospital31 total no-sew fleece blanketsSalal employees in bright orange vests for garbage pickup