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Free Credit Report Tools from SavvyMoney

A new suite of free credit report tools from SavvyMoney is now available in Salal’s Mobile & Online Banking. SavvyMoney makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your credit report, always know your credit score, and watch out for suspicious activity on your credit accounts. Checking your credit with SavvyMoney will never ding your credit and can actually hurt if you don’t do it often. You can learn more about that here.

Effective Tools to Monitor Your Credit

Credit monitoring tools from SavvyMoney give you a full view of your credit cards and loans, all in one place. With access to your entire credit report, you can monitor your credit usage and balances, watch how your credit score changes over time, and keep an eye out for any unusual activity that could signal identity theft. You can also find and dispute errors in your report and see when credit inquiries are made in your name.

For an added layer of protection, turn on Credit Monitoring to get email alerts that tell you when something on your credit report has changed. You’ll also get monthly reminders to review your most recent report. Checking your credit report often can help you detect and report fraudulent activity right away and minimize its impact on your finances.

Start Using SavvyMoney

To begin using SavvyMoney and start monitoring your credit today, simply log in to Salal Mobile or Online Banking and select the SavvyMoney widget. In Online Banking the widget will be in the top right on your main dashboard. In your Mobile Banking app the widget is in the main menu.

To turn on credit monitoring, go to the “Score” section within your SavvyMoney widget. Scroll down and find the “Credit Monitoring” option in the left column.

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*Due to differences between credit bureaus, credit scores listed in SavvyMoney may differ from those used for loan underwriting by Salal. Offers featured in SavvyMoney do not represent a guaranteed loan approval. All loans are subject to credit approval.