Salal Credit Union

Home Refinance

Change your home loan to meet your changing needs.

Whether your current home loan is with Salal or another lender, refinancing your home loan can make your mortgage work better for you. Our personalized refinancing options can potentially give you the financial flexibility to do things like:

  • Consolidate debt.
  • Make a large purchase you otherwise couldn’t afford.
  • Lower your interest rate.
  • Shorten the term of your loan.
  • Convert between an adjustable-rate mortgage and a fixed-rate.
  • Student Loan Payoff with Home Refinance.

While there are many advantages to a refinance, it doesn’t always make financial sense. There are many factors to consider, including your overall financial situation, the amount of equity you currently have in your home, and how long you plan to live there.

The best way to figure out whether it’s the right move for you is to talk to a Salal home loan expert who can help you crunch the numbers and make sure you’re aware of all your options.

All Salal loans are subject to credit approval.