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Rebuilding Together

Helping Revitalize Homes and Communities with Rebuilding Together

In support of the Rebuilding Together organization, the Salal Foundation funded six critical repair projects in 2019 that helped people continue living in their homes.

We’re spotlighting Catherine’s story, age 70, who lives in her home with her great-granddaughter, Eilianna, age 4. Catherine is disabled and is the legal guardian for her great-granddaughter.

She has owned and lived in her home, which was showing signs of age, since 1976. Rebuilding Together Dutchess County along with help from the Salal grant took part to repair her home. “When I got the call about doing the work, I was so excited. It was like this burden was lifted off my shoulders”, said Catherine.

Rebuilding Together pull quoteLocal volunteers addressed all the listed repairs that wore the house down to a lack of maintenance over the decades. The laminate tiles between the sink and the toilet that exposed the sub-flooring to water damage were fixed. The wood siding that showed signs of damage and rot were repaired. The roof that was in desperate need of repairs and caused leaking in both bedrooms of the home for an extended period was corrected.

“The volunteers did a beautiful job.” Catherine said in ensuring their multi-generational family had a safe and healthy place to call home. “They were like they were part of my family. I was blessed to have them coming into my home and do repairs to keep my family safe.”
To learn more about Rebuilding Together, visit TheSalalFoundation.org.

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