Salal Credit Union

Cash Management Businesses

Salal’s Business Services team can help you find efficient ways to streamline your finances so you can focus on growing your business. Get one-on-one personal attention for your business with a dedicated Account Manager.

Checking Benefits

  • Unlimited transactions for high volume businesses
  • Charges based on the type and amount of transactions posted to your account
  • Earnings credits on the balances you maintain to help offset some or all of your charges

Loans and Lines of Credit

  • Working capital line of credit secured by inventory or accounts receivable to manage seasonal cash flow
  • Large capital equipment loans
  • Rewards VISA with fraud prevention and individual billing statements for employees. Rewards points roll up to main account.

Cash Management

  • Remote deposit capture via check scanner with same- or next-day credit
  • Positive Pay: Powerful fraud protection for your business
  • Direct deposit payroll for employees
  • ACH transfers and online ACH batch originations
  • Outgoing domestic wire originations
  • International wire transfers
  • Armored car cash pick-up and delivery services
  • Smart safe deposit services with same or next day credit for cash deposits
  • Paperless invoicing
  • Payroll processing and HR services

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Need to order more checks for your Salal business account? Contact Harland Clarke business check orders at 800.503.2345 or order them online.

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